About Reiki
Reiki (pronounced “Ray-Kee”) is an energy healing practice which originated in Japan. Practitioners use the life-force energy or “ki” all around us and are able to pass it on to re-awaken the natural healing process in others by focusing the energy on the areas where it is most needed. Reiki is a combination of Japanese words, Rei “from the highest place” and Ki “energy”.

Jikiden Reiki (Jikiden meaning ‘directly taught’ or ‘directly passed on’) is the traditional form of Reiki which is based on Usui’s original teachings. It was co-founded by Chiyoko Yamaguchi, who learned from Chijiro Hayashi in the 1930s, and her son Tadao. For more details, visit http://www.jikidenreiki.co.uk/ or read my History of Reiki page.

Reiki encourages physical, mental and emotional healing. It can relieve pain, loosen blocked energy and it promotes total relaxation. Some of the things Reiki can help with are:

First Aid
Quitting smoking
Neck/Shoulder pain
Other minor and serious physical and psychological conditions


History of Reiki
Reiki was discovered by Mikao Usui, in the early 1900s, during an extended fast on Mt Kurama in Kyoto, Japan. He established the first Reiki organization – The Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai – which still exists today but no longer provides treatments. Usui only created 20 masters in his lifetime. Some remained with the Gakkai, while some branched out and created their own brand of healing, but Dr Chujiro Hayashi, with Usui’s blessing, continued to teach Reiki in Japan in its authentic form.

One of Chujiro Hayashi’s students, Hawayo Takata, was instrumental in bringing Reiki to North America. Hawayo Takata was a Japanese-American living in Hawaii who returned to Japan when she was told that she had a terminal illness. She was to have an operation but at the last minute decided not to and asked if there were any other options. Her doctor suggested that Chujiro Hayashi may be able to help her heal in a slower less invasive way. Within a year, she was cured of her illness and went on to learn Reiki from him. When she returned to Hawaii she established a healing clinic and eventually started to teach Reiki to students of her own. This was the beginnings of Western Reiki.

For a long time it was thought that Reiki was no longer practised in Japan, that if someone wanted to learn Reiki they would have to go to America to learn. However, even though the Gakkai was no longer teaching Reiki, there were still people practising Reiki and sharing it with their families.

Jikiden Reiki (Jikiden meaning ‘directly taught’ or ‘directly passed on’) is the traditional form of Reiki which is based on Usui’s original teachings. It was co-founded by Chiyoko Yamaguchi, who learned from Chijiro Hayashi, and her son Tadao. For them Reiki was a common household treatment for such ailments as colds, headaches and minor injuries. Reiki has also been used successfully for serious conditions such as tuberculosis.

Jikiden Reiki is now taught by Tadao Yamaguchi and his Shihan Kaku (assistant teacher) and Shihan (teacher) level students in official seminars, replicating the style and content of the seminars held by Chujiro Hayashi in the 1930’s. Nothing has been added or taken away from the content which was offered in the original teachings.


What to expect during a Treatment
Physical Treatments

Jikiden Reiki physical treatments usually last about 60 minutes and are generally concentrated on the head and the affected areas. Practitioners follow the sensations in their hands that tell them which areas of the body have the most toxins at that time and focus the treatment on those areas. For some people 1- 3 treatments are enough to help them recover from a problem and for others a course of treatments lasting weeks or months is necessary, as Reiki works gently to enhance your own self-healing. Some people will continue to come for Reiki treatments on a regular basis for the relaxing renewal of energy that they experience.

During a treatment everyone feels something different. It is a very personal experience and there is no one particular feeling you should or shouldn’t experience. Just relax and enjoy the experience.

Reiki increases wellness at all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual. The results may be dramatic, or very subtle. Since healing can be occurring at the emotional level, physical symptoms may not change. Alternately, a change in symptoms should not be taken as a sign that you are “cured”. Always consult your medical practitioner concerning your health.


Distance Treatments

A Distance Jikiden Reiki can be very beneficial if you would like a treatment but are not able to see a practitioner in person. They are just as effective as an in person treatment with similar sensations during the treatment. The Reiki practitioner will use identifying information (Name, Date of Birth, Gender, and the problem area) to focus the Reiki energy and send it directly to the person in need. The receiver will feel the sensations as if the practitioner was there.

A Distance session will be approximately 30 minutes and will focus on your healing goals. We can communicate via email or skype to discuss your specific needs and go over your bodies response to the healing session in the days following your treatment.


About Linnette
Linnette Stoney lives in Burnaby, BC with her loving husband and wonderful son. She loves to share the Reiki experience with her family and clients.

Linnette has been attuned to Level 2 in both Usui and Jikiden Reiki:

December 2005, she was blessed to be instructed in Level 1 of the Usui system of Natual Healing, Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, by Lyn Ayre, Ph. D
April 2006,  she was attuned to Level 2 Usui Reiki by Maggie Wahls, RMT
April 2008, she was able to learn the first 2 levels of Jikiden Reiki, Shoden and Okuden, from the founder Tadao Yamaguchi.
June 2011, she had a wonderful experience as she renewed her Shoden and Okuden levels of Jikiden Reiki with Mari Okazaki, also a student of Tadao Yamaguchi.


Linnette is a Registered Reiki Practitioner in good standing with:

the Canadian Reiki Association since 2006
the Jikiden Reiki Association of Canada since 2011


Fee Schedule for Reiki Sessions:

First Session for new client $75.00 (~75 min) Includes consultation
Full Reiki Session $60.00 (~60 min)  
Short Reiki Session $40.00 (~30 min)  
Reiki for Animals & Children $50.00 (30-45 min) I would love the opportunity to help your Animals &/or Children as they move along their journey towards greater health.
Distance Reiki $40.00 (~30 min) A wonderful option for the times when a physical treatment isn’t possible.

* Now able to accept all major credit cards for payment of services. Contact me if you would like to prepay for a treatment.

To save time before your first appointment please contact me at linnette@burnabyhealing.com to optain Client Information Form to be filled out in advance of our appointment



I am available for Reiki Sessions in your home or office most Evenings and Weekends.

Same day appointments can be arranged, but 24 hrs notice is preferred.

House Call Availability

Please email me at linnette@burnabyleahing to request an appointment

Daytime Thursday 10am -2pm
Daytime Friday 10am -2pm
Daytime Weekends Arranged as needed
Evenings Tuesday - Saturday 7:30pm - 10pm